ALBEDO Ether.Sync is a field tester for Synchronous Ethernet equipped with all the feature to deploy and troubleshoot both GbE and SyncE infrastructures, supporting standards such as Y.1564 & Y.1731 to verify the QoS and SLA to quickly and easily validate and troubleshoot ANY Ethernet service.

Ether.Sync adds new features for the installation and maintenance of newSynchronous technologies while conserving everything required for the commissioning and troubleshooting of Gigabit Ethernet.

Features and Benefits

  • Synchronization according G8261, G8262, G8264
  • Ethernet Line frequency (MHz), offset (ppm), drift (ppm/s)
  • Analysis / Generation  ESMC messages and SSM count and rate
  • Ext. clock input including 2048 kb/s, 2048 Hz, and Synchronous Ethernet
  • SyncE MTIE / TDEV measurement
  • SyncE Wander analysis/generation
  • PTP / IEEE 1588v2 support decoding
  • PTP support / generation as master or slave
  • Master Clock operation on each port using internal/external ref.
  • Y.1564 (e-SAM) FTD, 2-way FDV, FDV, 2-way FTD, FLR, SES, PEU & PEA
  • Y.1731 QoS statistics
  • 2xSFP + 2 x RJ45 i/faces
  • Symmetrical & Asymmetrical RFC2544 test
  • FCS error insertion in passthought mode
  • L1/L2/L3/L4 loopback
  • Multistreams for IPTV, VoIP, and Critical Data verification
  • Q-in-Q for demarcation tests
  • MPLS support
  • Scan MAC/IP/VLAN/QinQ
  • Advanced Counts: Up to 8 filters at MAC, IP, TCP/UDP, Arbitrary


  • QoS and SLA certification
  • Automatic RFC2544, Y1464
  • pdf & csv reports on SD/USB
  • IPTV, VoIP, Data assurance
  • VNC, LAN or wi-fi control
  • Spot sources of degradation
  • s-LEDs all events at a glance
  • Best price - Top featured
  • SyncE deployment


  • Triple Play service providers
  • Commission / Maintenance
  • Mobile operators
  • Sync Installers
  • G.826x Vendor




Ordering Information


AT.ESync.HHEther.Sync hand-held tester. Battery operated. GBE testing with synchronization options including dual 10/100/1000 Mb/s RJ-45 electrical ports, dual optical ports, QoS statistics, RFC2544 performance test, BER test, continuous / burst / ramp / random traffic generation, traffic statistics, error analysis, connectivity test (PING, Trace Route), analysis filters, event insertion, endpoint and pass-through operation modes, graphical display of events, report generation and export. Includes AC/DC adapter, transportation bag and one RJ-45 patch cable. SFP transceivers not included.

AT.ESync.MstrMultistream Test. Generation over eight independent traffic streams. Eight analysis filters for each test port.

AT.ESync.1564eSAM (ITU-T Y.1564). Test of up to 8 services simultaneously. Set up of CIR, EIR and policing rate. Per stream quality objectives. Measurement of Information rate (IR), Frame Transfer Delay (FTD), Frame Delay Variation (FDV), Frame Loss Ratio (FLR) and Availability.

AT.ESync.IPV6IPV6 test. Decoding and analysis of IPV6 datagrams. IPV6 traffic statistics and events. IPV6 packet filtering. Top IPV6 source and destination address (with Network Search option).

AT.ESync.MPLSMPLS test. Generation of a single or double label according RFC 3032. Configuration of TTL, Traffic class, Label . Filter selection rules by Label and Traffic class field. Frame analysis of MPLS Packets. Top LSPs (with Network search option).

AT.ESync.WIRECable test. Wiremap with open and short circuit detection. Measurement of distance to fault. Crossover / straight cable detection. Measurement of the cable skew.

AT.Esync.POEPower over Ethernet test. PoE / PoE+ end point and pass through as per IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at with voltage and current measurement.

AT.ESync.SESyncE clock emulation. Synchronization testing according to ITU-T G.8261, G.8262, G.8264. Ethernet line frequency (MHz), offset (ppm), drift (ppm/s). Analysis / Generation of ESMC messages. External reference clock input 2048 kbit/s, 2048 kHz, 1544 kbit/s, 1544 kHz, 10 MHz, Synchronous Ethernet and 1 PPS. External reference clock output 2048 kHz and 1 PPS.

AT.ESync.SEWSyncE wander test. Synchronous Ethernet  TIE / MTIE / TDEV measurement. Synchronous Ethernet wander generation.

AT.ESync.PTPIEEE 1588v2 / PTP clock emulation. PTP master and slave emulation. PTP passive monitoring. PTP message classification and analysis. PDV analysis. External reference clock input 2048 kbit/s, 2048 kHz, 10 MHz and Synchronous Ethernet. External reference clock input 2048 kbit/s, 2048 kHz, 1544 kbit/s, 1544 kHz, 10 MHz, Synchronous Ethernet and 1 PPS. External reference clock output 2048 kHz and 1 PPS.

AT.ESync.PTPWIEEE 1588v2 / PTP wander test. PTP TIE / MTIE / TDEV measurement.

AT.ESync.OCXOOCXO time reference. High performance internal oscillator replacing the standard time reference installed in the application board. 

AT.ESync.NSNetwork Search. Automatic detection of up 16 most frequent streams listed by IPV4, VLAN and MAC. 

AT.VNC.RCGraphical Remote Control. Based on VNC standards for Windows and Linux. Ethernet/IP remote control that duplicates the tester graphical user interface in a remote computer. 

AT.SNMP.RCSNMP Remote Control and Automation. Based on SNMP protocol allows user to control the tester remotelly using SNMP queries. 

AT.91Sync adapter. Smart Serial to RJ45. External reference clock input 1 PPS. External reference clock output 1 PPS. Additional external reference clock input 2048 kbit/s, 2048 kHz, 1544 kbit/s, 1544 kHz, 10 MHz. Additional external reference clock output 2048 kHz.

AT.ESync.GPSGPS receiver and antenna. Provides absolute time reference for synchronization tests through the GPS satellite network. Connection is through RJ-45 male interface.

AT.Wi-Fi.RCRemote Control. Based on VNC for Windows and Linux. Ethernet/IP remote control that duplicates the tester graphical user interface in a remote computer. 

AT.1000Sx.SFPSFP Adapter 1.25 Gbps SFP, 850 nm, MMF, 500 m reach, w/ DDM, Duplex LC, 0 – 70ºC

AT.1000Lx.SFPSFP Adapter 1.25 Gbps SFP, 1310 nm, SMF, 20 km reach, w/ DDM, Duplex LC, 0 – 70ºC

AT.1000Zx.SFPSFP Adapter 1.25 Gbps SFP, 1550 nm, SMF, 80 km reach, w/ DDM, Duplex LC, 0 – 70ºC

AT.Elect.SFPSFP Adapter 10/100/1000BT Electrical SFP transceiver, SGMII, 0 – 70ºC

AT.100Fx.SFPSFP Adapter 100FX, 125 Mbps SFP, 1310 nm, MMF, 2Km reach, w/ DDM, SGMII, Duplex LC,  0 – 70ºC

AT.20Car charger. Power adapter to charge the test unit from car battery.

AT.Lipo.BattAdditional Lipo battery

AT.ESync.CertCertificate of calibration. Accuracy calibration certificate, executed only when is sold and before its shipment.  


Periodical Unit Verification. Includes board test verification (Calibration, Internal Frequency), test port verification (Ports A / B / C: Ethernet, SFP, unbalanced E1, balanced E1, VF Port , DTE / DCE Ports) and analog verification (level port A / B / C, line attenuation, jitter error, pulse mask).

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