From low frequency highpass and lowpass multiplexersto high frequency multiple channel bandpassmultiplexers, K&L Microwave has developed devices thatsatisfy a broad range of applications. Non-contiguousbandpass multiplexers with passbands from 1 to 18 GHz have been implemented using combline filters. In highfrequency contiguous applications, K&L’s range ofbroadband suspended substrate devices excel.Through the use of Chebychev, elliptic, and pole-placedfilters, in distributed or lumped form, many different typesof responses can be integrated into multiplexers, therebyensuring the best selectivity and lowest insertion loss possible. By using lumped (IB) technology, bandpass/bandpass, highpass/lowpass, or bandpass/bandstopmultiplexers can be implemented in relatively smallpackages, and still yield required performance, even atfrequencies below 100 MHz.

microwave and RF multiplexer

microwave and RF multiplexer

A microwave and RF multiplexer is a multi-channelmodule combining several filters to a common port,usually the antenna port. Its block diagram consists oftwo parts: a distribution system, called the manifold,and a group of filters, which may include lowpass,highpass, bandpass, and bandstop. A multiplexer mustfulfill two main requirements.

Features - Suspended Substrate

Features - Suspended Substrate
  • Broadband (can be wider than a decade)
  • Pseudo-elliptic transfer functions
  • Printed circuit, therefore excellent reproducibility
  • Individual highpass/lowpass diplexers can be cascaded to make n-channel multiplexers
  • Minimaltuning
  • All complexity is confined to printed circuit board and milled housing (CNC machines)


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