Purpose Built Data Center Enterprise

Purpose Built Data Center  Enterprise

Discover data center solutions that evolve with your business

Data Center on Demand is a purpose-built data center that enables you to:

  • Build to suit your specific needs on Day 1; then scale when you need to without service disruptions
  • Dramatically reduce data center design, engineering, and build time
  • Deploy virtually anywhere, quickly and easily
  • Achieve a yearly average PUE as low as 1.03–1.06
  • Customize power, security, fire suppression, and infrastructure 
  • Deploy racks, cabinets, or collocation white space

Data Center on Demand represents a unique blend of CommScope’s structural and data center expertise, where all the benefits—flexibility, energy efficiency, cost savings and expandability—are built right in.

CommScope offers four distinctly flexible Data Center on Demand solutions in 1, 4, 10, and 20 rack building blocks. Each solution supports purpose built customization that ultimately defines individual data center specifications. Seamless expandability inherent in all Data Center on Demand solutions supports the business demands of today and scales with them over time. Both individual solutions and supporting infrastructure may be tailored to specific business and environmental requirements based on an array of mechanical, electrical, fire, and security options. Deploy Data Center on Demand on premise, in a field, outdoors, indoors within a prepped building, in extreme and harsh environments—anywhere with access to network, power, water, and ventilation. Deploy with racks or cabinets of varying sizes and dimension or as white space to call your own. All Data Center on Demand solutions are backed by CommScope’s comprehensive pre and post deployment services that encompass everything necessary to design, build, and service your purpose built data center.

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