iTRACS lanza comunidad de desarrolladores para el Avance de DCIM

"Los centros de datos requieren de muchos proveedores diferentes, trabajando en conjunto, para proporcionar valor a los clientes. El mundo DCIM no es diferente y creemos que se necesita una alianza de múltiples proveedores para ayudar a los clientes a administrar toda su infraestructura "

iTRACS, a CommScope company providing industry-leading open enterprise-class data center infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, has launched its ourDCIM™ Developer Community globally.The ourDCIM™ Developer Community is an industry-wide grassroots movement to build an open, best-of-breed DCIM vendor ecosystem for managing and optimizing physical infrastructure. The community’s goal is to:

  • Facilitate the exchange of information between DCIM, information technology, IT service management (ITSM), facilities, building management systems and energy management systems vendors
  • Expand the coverage of DCIM, providing customers with a truly holistic approach to infrastructure management across both IT and Facilities, and
  • Advance the continued evolution of infrastructure management technology

iTRACS is inviting vendors, users, and other constituents to join the community and accelerate DCIM innovation by exploring integration with the iTRACS Converged Physical Infrastructure Management®(CPIM®) software suite.“Data centers require many different vendors, working in concert, to provide value to customers. The DCIM world is no different and we feel it takes an alliance of multiple vendors to help customers manage their entire infrastructure,” said George Brooks, senior vice president, Enterprise Product and Market Management, CommScope. “iTRACS is spearheading this effort by making its CPIM platform openly available for qualified developers. We are inviting the world to join us in a collaborative journey of innovation that provides increasing levels of business value to DCIM customers.” The ourDCIM Developer Community is open for registration by visiting Qualified members will have access to a portfolio of web services-based iTRACS CPIMcapabilities, a chat forum and other development tools. By using these resources, ourDCIM members can develop bi-directional integrations with the CPIM environment. They can also begin an alliance with CommScope that, for some companies, could culminate in becoming an iTRACS Technology Partner through the CommScope PartnerPRO™ network.