Nemo Intelligent Device Interface 5G NR Drive Test and Benchmarking Solution

Make the leap to 5G NR

Customers require the ability to reliably verify the 5G NR promise of gigabit speed and millisecond latency from the end-user perspective using the latest commercial devices. In 5G NR, massive MIMO and beamforming use high-gain directional antenna arrays, which requires the use of the smartphone’s own unmodified antennas in order to measure true QoE from the end-user perspective. With Nemo Device Interface Module, this is now possible, speeding up the time-to-market of your 5G NR devices, services, and networks.


Future-proof solution enabling CAPEX savings

  • Device control solution for 5G NR and LTE-A QoS and QoE drive test and benchmarking measurements
  • Easily expandable from a single handheld unit to a large-scale benchmarking system
  • Future-proof solution with an easy upgrade path for new devices
  • Provides significant CAPEX savings as same modules and accessories can be reused over years, for several phone models
  • Support for LTE-A and 5G NR devices with internal massive MIMO antennas
  • True QoE measurements with OTT applications running on the device

Increased reliability

  • Unique self-healing features ensure recovery and maximized uptime of measurement units
  • Increased reliability enables OPEX savings due to less re-drives

Versatile usage and implementation

  • Highly modular, easy access to test equipment, and a wide range of mounting options supporting all usage scenarios
  • Support for up to nine devices with Nemo Outdoor and up to 24 devices with Nemo Invex II
  • ETSI and P3 compatible test scripts and analytics report templates included
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